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Pre-purchase inspection


Handover / stage inspection


Dilapidation reports


Defect investigation and repair reports

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What We Do

We offer a wide range of domestic and commercial building inspection services including pest and termite inspection in all Perth suburbs that range from standard and premium pre purchase inspections to structural and geotechnical inspections. A building consultation and inspection report completed by professional building inspectors and registered engineers who can provide you all information you need to make the best decision on your property.

  • Pre purchase inspection (structural & pest)

The inspection is reported in accordance with the Australian Standard.

  • Structural and geotechnical inspection


This is a special inspection that we will perform structural and/or geotechnical investigation to assess all details of building failures and recommendations.

  • Construction inspection and consultation

It is very significant whether you are building a new home, extending or renovating. We can help you to ensure your project is on track and on standard and budget.


Pre-purchase standard inspection


A building inspection is reported in accordance with the AS 4349.1-2007. The inspection report will report on any structural and comprehensively non-structural elements (fixtures, fitting) including condition and maintenance requirements of your property.

Handover during construction inspection


It is very significant whether you are building a new home, extending or renovating. We can help you to ensure your project is on track and on standard and budget. A handover/during construction inspection will give you all details you need on your project.

Dilapidation reports


It is a detailed inspection that provides structural defects and conditions of a property at a given point in time such as prior to commencement of any demolition, excavation or nearby construction and at the end of practical completion. It identifies any existing damage and conditions of the property that are likely to be affected by construction works.

Defect investigation and repair reports


This is a special inspection that we will perform structural inspection including testing and geotechnical investigation if it is required. The report provides all details of building failures and repair recommendations.

Our Mission

At SB Solutions our promises are superior quality of building services which provide you all the information and requirements needed to take care of your property. So we invest in the best available solutions and continuously educate and keep ourselves up to date on main developments. We believe in providing clients with value and outstanding services.

What Else We Can Do

The mission of SB Solutions is dedication to the highest quality of services delivered with a sense of reliability, warmth, friendliness, flexibility and excellence. We believe our focus on developing and maintaining a measurable client satisfaction and program has created a company culture where each of our associates delivers premium quality service in timely professional manner every day. All service programs are performed to the highest industry standards to ensure 100% client satisfaction with our quality assurance systems.

Our cleaning services cover domestic and commercial cleaning. We provide a range of affordable services in all Perth suburbs.

We also provide services to both private residential and strata building. We also cover minor repair, renovation, general assembly, regular and pre-sale maintenance.

Who Needs Us

We understand to maintain your property in the best condition possible is an long term commitment and investment in the value of your property. We are specialists in a complete range of building services for domestic and commercial property in all Perth suburbs. Our services are complied with our quality assurance systems at a high level of quality and affordability. An inspection identifies building conditions and asset value as well as safety hazards, workability and any major or minor defects. Consequently inspection reports have a number of purposes and benefits.

Building Inspections are generally relevant to a process of buying or selling a property as well as an inspection may also be required if you discover that your home has developed a building defect such as crack, settlement, leak and other over time or as a consequence to an incident.

We have a wide range of clients including:

  • Home buyers and sellers
  • Property and strata managers
  • Property owners and investors
  • Building and construction contractors
Why Choose Us

SB Solutions is a Perth-based building inspection specialist, providing professional services to residential and commercial properties.

We guarantee our work to high quality standard with full insurance cover and competitive rates. All SB inspectors are qualified registered Engineers with significant experiences who have a comprehensive understanding of construction concepts and practices.

  • 100% satisfaction
  • Fast response and communication
  • Trained, qualified, insured and experiences
  • Clear and easy to understand report
  • Full range of inspections
  • Competitive rates
  • On going support for any queries