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We are specialised in providing oven / fridge / windows cleaning service. We also offer free and no obligation quotes that suit your needs.

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Need help oven clean?


Should you, colleagues and your clients ever require oven cleaning services we would be most pleased to offer you competitive prices, and the highest standards of workmanship. Let us take care of your dirty work to ensure your oven is spotless and ready for family parties. We’re not only offering the best price in Perth but we will also give you peace of mind with 100% satisfaction. That will help you much more. For more info and booking please feel free to contact us.

Fridge clean


Thinking of fridge clean? We are the one. Let us take care of your fridge to ensure it is nice and fresh all the time for your loved ones. We are also fully trained, equipped and insured team. For more info and booking please feel free to contact us.

Window clean


Our windows clean is very value for money as we always keep it low but still providing you the highest quality in the market. After we discuss with you and know what you need to be done, we will estimate the cleaning time and the price will be on a fixed rate. As we are very flexible for you, we can do both whether charge per hour or charge per job. However we normally charge per job because we guarantee our work for 100% satisfaction at a fixed price.